Bid Support

For our customers, we provide a range of technical and commercial support services, including system description for tender documents, gap analysis, (sub-)system supplier recommendations, and commercial execution optimization analysis.

Design Management

Planning design program activities, starting with the initiation of the project and ending with the preparation of the procurement plan.

Railway Signalling Interlocking Data Services

Our team is capable of providing support in the creation and validation of Interlocking Data associated with UK Railway mainline signalling systems. In addition, our proficiency extends to Railway Traffic Management and Control Systems, as well as Web and Mobile Applications

Technical Documentation

Documentation is essential to the functional, operational, and maintenance aspects of a component, system, subsystem, or assembly. We combine extensive rail engineering experience with documentation capabilities. Furthermore, we contribute additional value to this sector by leveraging best practices across multiple safety-critical domains. Technical documentation can be offered as part of product-engineering projects or separately as a technical publication.


Parkway Signalling offers a range of solutions to meet the rail industry's growing need for intelligent design tools to increase efficiency in production and improve quality.  Preliminary Design such as Designing schemes to facilitate optioneering, creating site layouts, creating specifications (e.g., SRS, system architecture, interface specifications), and preparing plans. Detail Design such as creating plans (such as guideways and bonding plans), schematics (such as TFM, DLM, and power schematics), and designing wayside, interfaces, and level crossings.

Visualization & Animation services

Parkway Signalling offers Interior design services such as Renderings, digital illustrations, Graphic designing and Animation services like Animated Technical manuals, Interior / Exterior walkthrough, assembly & Material handling animations. We almost use all software tools some of which are Blender, Adobe Illustrator, 3Ds Max, InDesign etc., to name a few.

Engineering CAD Services

Parkway Signalling offers Engineering CAD services for all short term & long-term Design projects to Consumer products, medical devices, Railway, Industrial machinery & Energy sectors respectively. We have 10+ years experienced CAD designers with experience in software tools such as Solidworks, Creo, NX, Autodesk Inventor with Teamcenter / Windchill integration expertise.