With Parkway Signalling’s experienced Marketing & sales team, we have ventured into other B2B sectors in addition to Engineering sectors such as R&D Tax relief, Foreign Exchange & Payment solutions. We provide end to end marketing activities in any B2B sectors such as:

1. Lead generation:

We help your business generate Sales qualified leads Email marketing through dedicated CRM accounts (which we recommend) and LinkedIn marketing with the help of Sales navigator. 

2. Sales Consulting services:

We help your business (any domains) by increasing the revenue by conducting a Sales workshop with your Sales & Marketing & Management team and provide a detailed road map for increase in revenue upto 30% in 90 days.

3. End – End Sales & Marketing support:

At Parkway Signalling, we can help your business from any domains, increase revenue upto 30% in 90 days with our Information assisted selling approach. Be it Marketing research, cold calling, lead generation, appointment setting or deal closures, we take ownership & deliver results.

4. Digital Marketing:

We have experienced Digital marketing team to drive traffic to your business both organic and Paid methods such as:

  • Search Engine optimization
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.)
  • Paid Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Google AdWords & AdSense (PPC’s, PCM’s)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Solo ads services