Why Us!

Consultancy Services

Our Statement of Work (SoW) and Consulting Services, whether delivering large-scale IT & Digital Programmes or individual consultants against project deliverables, minimise the risks of project delivery for our clients. Our team of quality assured consultants utilises clearly defined outputs and deliverables, solid service delivery, and governance to bring a diverse portfolio of business capabilities, assuring that we will provide beneficial insight and knowledge to ensure your project is delivered effectively.


First, we collaborate with you to identify and rank your recruitment plans, define your resource needs, and set delivery deadlines. On any pressing concerns, including market rates and salaries, skill shortages, and laws, we can offer advise and help.


The best candidates are then attracted using a variety of channels (including our internal CRM system, sophisticated sourcing strategies, job boards, web advertising, social media, and professional networking); we also conduct telephone pre-screening, CV submissions, interview management/feedback, and offer negotiation.


Last but not least, we handle all aspects of the onboarding process for you, including contract papers, ID verification, reference checks, and criminal background checks (DBS/CRB). In order to ensure that your prospects have all they need in time for a smooth start on day one, we handle all the last-minute arrangements. Also, you will have assistance from a Parkway Signalling team member at your side at all times.

What Distinguishes Us from Others?

Our Team

We are extremely lucky to have a group of highly skilled, devoted, and dependable individuals on our team. We take pains to only hire people that share our values and are honest, enthusiastic, and positive. With Parkway Signalling, you are in good hands whether you are an employer or a job seeker.

Fit with the Culture

We match you up with candidates who are compatible with the working environment, team culture, and values of your business. We recognise that selecting applicants with the appropriate abilities, experience, and qualifications is only one aspect of hiring. Finding the correct "cultural fit" is as crucial.

Time Saved

We are aware of how valuable your time is. We want to save you as much time as we can and make the hiring process less stressful for you. We start by taking the time to fully comprehend your needs. We send you a tailored shortlist of three to five individuals who most closely match your job requirements and are most likely to live up to your expectations during an interview.


At Parkway Signalling, we recognise that a key component of every successful organisation is having the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We offer quick response times without sacrificing quality. Helping you meet project deadlines and accomplish your corporate objectives.


With our clients, we hope to establish enduring relationships. We won't take your loyalty for granted and will strive very hard to gain your trust. We are not merely another business looking to make a quick cash.


We are experts in a variety of fields, including IT, medicine, management, and technology. We know your market because we are focused. Instead of the surface-level experience provided by more generalist organisations, we offer in-depth expertise.

Talent Streams

We have access to a wide pool of individuals through several different avenues, including specialised job boards, professional networks, personal recommendations, and trusted candidates we have previously placed. We can promote your company's profile to the top talent since we have the contacts and resources to get in touch with them.

Support & Advice

At Parkway Signalling, we assist you throughout the whole hiring process, from defining job requirements to screening candidates, conducting interviews, making offers, and on-boarding employees. Together with providing advice on salaries and pay rates, we may also provide crucial market intelligence, including information on demand trends and legislative updates.